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  1. Hi, do you sell ball dresses? Or long dresses that could pass for one? Thanks!!

  2. Hi there

    You were very helpful on Tues and I picked out an unworn 1960s Italian suit in a beige check. I got it home and I just don’t think it suits me. Is there any chance you might offer a refund or a credit note? I promise to spend more in both your Brick Lane and (my local) Brixton shops. I’d appreciate any offer you can make.

  3. I am working with a German company who are setting up a swimwear museum and we are looking for vintage swimwear and related items to purchase for the museum. My German colleagues are coming to London at the end of next week and are looking to visit dealers who might have items for them to purchase. I am writing to see if you have much for sale at the moment?


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